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Old Town Ice Rink

Updated: 6. Apr 2021, 9:08
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This is a unique pop-up ice rink located at the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town which opens at the beginning of December and closes at the end of March or in early April when the spring sunshine sets in.

It is a classic open-air rink located next to the historic St Nicholas’ Church to which all city residents and tourists are welcome. Cozy lighting, entertaining music, a warm café where you can thaw out if you need to – all of this ensures an unforgettable skating experience!

7.1 °C
9.8 m/s
E-P 10-21.00
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Track status: Ice-skating (closed)
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What should I wear?

This is an outdoor ice rink and you should dress according to the weather, which means warmly. To make sure your feet fit comfortably in your skates, we recommend wearing thicker socks. Gloves and a hat would also be advisable. It is still winter. If you leave your socks or gloves at home, you can buy some from the ticket office.


Responsibility for assessing the risks posed when skating to children’s safety remains primarily with their parents or guardian. It is always safer (and probably more fun) when a child has an older person on the ice with them. The smallest skates we offer are size 24 (for children aged around three). We also recommend that children wear helmets, which are available at the Uisupark ticket office.


There are also lockers next to the ice rink where you can leave clothing, bags, shoes and other personal belongings if needed. The fee for using the locker is €3.

What should I do when I arrive?

Buy an hour ticket from the Uisupark ticket office and if you do not have your own skates with you, you can also rent skates. You should put them on at the end of the platform where you can sit to do so. Keep your ticket, which shows the end time for your skating hour. And then, onto the ice!


Skating involves certain risks. Visitors should adequately assess their personal abilities themselves. We remind you that skating while drunk is not a good idea and we advise against doing so. We are required not to allow drunk visitors onto the ice.